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DJ Clemons, MA, TLLP

Orchard Lake office in Farmington Hills

The purpose of therapy is to grow - grow in the way you feel, grow in your behaviors, grow in the way you understand yourself. The therapeutic relationship can be a vital tool for enacting the change that leads to your own growth as a human. DJ offers an empathetic and safe space for you to openly explore and bring to the light things that may be easier to leave in the dark. We are all unique in our experiences in this life, but the emotions left over from those experiences can be universally felt and understood. Growth and understanding are without a doubt a possibility. It only begins with you.

DJ utilizes a person-centered approach to therapy. Essentially, this means you are the captain and he is the co-captain. He works with you by meeting you where you are at, understanding what difficulties you are facing right now, understanding where you want to be, and collaborating with you on ways to get there.

Reaching out for help can be difficult, and therapy can be a scary adventure to begin. However, know that this journey is one you do not have to take alone. If you are seeking a partner to collaborate with on your journey, DJ hopes you feel free to reach out.

My Approach
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