Norman Gajowiak, MA, TLLP

Throughout his adult life, Norm has been a fierce advocate for kids and teens. He has served youth populations as a teacher; a curriculum designer for classes based on life-skills, self-exploration, and values; a missionary serving children in foreign nations; a skilled life-coach; the founder of a nationally recognized, youth-based mental health nonprofit; the co-founder of a an honors home education collective; and is now a highly sought after kid, teen, and young adult psychotherapist. Norm is a certified parenting coach and an recognized advocate and change agent for youtheducation and mental health care. Norm’s primary goal is assisting young people to become, “The very best versions of themselves,” through self-awareness, and a thorough understanding of gratitude & love, but also through his strong and fearless advocacy for young people to state and national governments, courts, and other national and international agencies and organizations that benefit youth.

Norm definitely thinks “BIG” and is unafraid to fight not only for individuals, but against obsolete policies and bygone ideas that are holding young people hostage to the past, which thereby inhibits their ability for personal growth and success. When Norman disagreed with the highly outdated school system he worked for, he resigned, then worked with his peers to start a brand-new private school! In terms of other schools, Norm has a built a solid reputation with most local public schools, The Roeper School, and Notre Dame Prep, by regularly visiting and by fighting for his patients, ensuring that they receive the educational experience they deserve.

Norman has worked tirelessly seeking input and opinions from the nation’s foremost psychiatrists, psychologists, and universities to develop a successful, integrative approach to clinical psychotherapy that is fully based on helping youth by utilizing a strongly holistic approach that combines client-centered therapy, lifestyle changes, traditional talk therapy models including CBT & DBT, and play therapy.Norm’s approach helps young people love themselves from head to toe, rather than simply temporarily relieving the symptoms of a diagnosis. Aside from his uniquely developed approaches to assisting kids, Norm is well known for being cognizant of the fact that some of these ideas can be quite expensive, thereby creating a system of payment that allows ALL kids to receive services regardless of their ability to pay full price, or their ability to pay at all. While he does charge for his services, Norman is motivated by the success of his clients; nothing more.

Norman has traveled the world from Central America to Asia. He has lived in a state run orphanage in Russia, sharing his time with parentless kids & teens, developing opportunities for fun; but most importantly, showing the kids in the orphanage how it feels to be loved, as witnessed by his collection of over sixteen hundred cards andletters he’s received from around the globe. Norm was also trained as a “missionary dentist” so he could travel across the nation of Nicaragua with medical missionteams to provide free medical and dental services to kids in need. While there, Norm visited children staying in dilapidated hospitals every day; playing, coloring and praying with the patients and passing out toys to hundreds of sick children.

Norm holds degrees in secondary education, triple minors in psychology, sociology, and human services, and a master of arts in clinical psychology. He has recently concluded writing a middle-school human service curriculum for the states of Ohio & Florida, and is nearly finished writing his second book.

Norm works out of our Farmington Hills office on Orchard Lake Rd, as well as the South Lyon office.

Norman is affiliated with many organizations :

  • The Midwest Society for Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback

  • The PANDAS Physician's Network

  • Give an Hour—Providing free therapy to veterans &

    their families.

  • The Campaign to Change Direction

  • The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

  • NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

  • Founder: Helpers for Heroes

  • 1-2-3 Magic Parenting: Positive Parenting | Effective

    Child Discipline—Certified Trainer

  • Managing Associate: HutcHison & Associates

  • Nominee: 2018 CNN Hero

  • Nominee: 2019 Best Place to Be—Reader’s Digest

  • Member: March for Our Lives

  • Norman also works with universities & professional schools presenting speaking engagements. He is the managing associate and attending provider at the South Lyon, MI, location of HutcHison & Associates. He is supervised by Dr. Laura Hutchison, PsyD, LP


Twitter handle - @altitudes365

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