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Lauren Lay, MA, LLP

Fenton Office

Lauren Lay, MA, LLP holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Grand Valley State University and a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from the Michigan School of Psychology. She has spent the last 16 years caring and supporting others as a Mom, case manager, and psychotherapist. She has been a provider of extraordinary service in residential and community mental health settings, hospitals, mental health court, and private practice. 


Lauren knows that our struggles do not define us as weak, inadequate, nor damaged. She holds immense empathy for others and understands that we each have our own story to tell and want to be heard without judgement. Lauren holds a genuine care for our well-being and provides an environment of understanding and unconditional positive regard. She will challenge you and allow you to discover your responsibility. She will also work with you to release you from the anxiety of those things outside of your control. As you progress towards your goals and examine the hurdles you face, you will find therapeutic mediation by breaking through these barriers to growth and well-being.


Lauren tailors her clinical approach to meet each client’s unique needs using a foundation of person-centered, cognitive-behavioral (CBT), humanistic, Gestalt and existential therapies. Her intent is to support clients in improving self-awareness, self-regard, and self-acceptance. Additionally, she strives to help clients improve interpersonal relationships and share in healthy emotional expression.


Many clients appreciate her expertise in working with adults, adolescents/teens, couples and families who experience difficulties in their relationships, emotional expression and/or anxieties. She works exceedingly well with those who may be initially hesitant to attend therapy.  Clients have shared that Lauren’s warm, empathic, and knowledgeable approach has resulted in a surprising degree of openness to the process and ultimately her care has supported a great deal of growth and desired change in both the individual, and their relationships.


She would love to join you in your process of healing, exploration, and growth. Lauren is the managing associate and attending provider of Hutchison & Associates’ Fenton Michigan office. This satellite office is located at10089 White Lake Rd, Fenton, MI 48430.

My Approach
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