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Here's what to expect when you come to the Plymouth office:

Stacey Olsafski, MA, LLP is the Plymouth office site manager.  Both she and Adowa Brashers, MA, TLLP work at this location.

The building is located in the PMC plaza, which is off of Ann Arbor Road, between Lilley and Haggerty.  There is a Subway on the building endcap facing Ann Arbor Road.  You can park on the side or in the back of the Subway building.  Enter the doors on the opposite side of Subway (in back).  When you enter, go up the stairs. Go about ¾ down the hallway.  The door will be on you left hand side with the office number on it.  The office number is 42327.  When you walk in, you will be in the waiting room.  Just wait there until your therapist comes out of the office to greet you. 

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