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So, you're interested, but you don't know what to expect. Here's are the steps to getting started, so you'll know the process at our offices.

First Step - call or email us. 248-662-5437 or

Leave a message with: 

  • your name

  • phone number

  • name and age of the potential client

  • email address

  • type of insurance

  • location preference

  • a bit about the reason you're calling

OR -  just leave a simple message with your name and call back number and our intake coordination will get back with you.

After you leave a message or send an email someone from the clinic will get back with you within 48 business hours.  If you don't hear back from us by then, feel free to leave a another message.

Second Step - Contact from the Therapist

Based on the information collected Dr. Hutchison will match you up with a therapist to best suit your needs. The therapist will contact you directly.  At this time the therapist will set up an intake appointment and send you all the necessary paperwork (consent, practice policies, and client info forms) through emailing you an link to our secure, confidential client portal.

Third Step - Intake Appointment

Who attends the first, or intake appointment, depends on the preference of the therapist and client. If the client is a young child, therapist tend to meet with just the parent/s for the first session. This allows for a discussion of information that may be inappropriate or stressful for the child. If the child is closer to adolescence, the parent can decide what would be most appropriate.  For teenage clients, the teen and parent will attend the intake.  Adults seeking individual psychotherapy will attend the session by themselves.

This first session will focus on getting to know your personal history, including discussing the current issues that lead to calling for services.  It is a chance to begin to form the therapeutic relationship and determine if it will be "a good fit".

If, for whatever reason, you feel it isn't the right fit - first try to talk it over with the therapist, but then feel free to contact Dr. Hutchison and she can assign another therapist or give you a referral.

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