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Tammy O'Brien, MA, LLP

Ferndale office and Orchard Lake office in Farmington Hills

"Every transition that we experience can be easier to navigate with a little assistance. Let’s work together to create new and lasting patterns. Everything needed to work through life’s challenges is already within you. Let’s take this journey together, while processing through transitions, trauma, anxiety, depression and any of life’s other stressors you’re experiencing."


Tammy believes in a person-centered holistic and nurturing approach to healing. She thinks it is important to listen to our bodies and respect one's comforts and discomforts. Tammy will help you feel confident in trusting yourself and meeting your needs. She is here to meet you where you are at in a safe and accepting space that is uniquely just for you. 


Tammy graduated from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology in 2009. Tammy works with adults and children of all ages. 

My Approach
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