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Sabrina Bolvari, MA, LLP

Sabrina's love of and dedication to the field of psychology is centered around a goal to help you clarify the following questions about yourself, in order to catalyze health, well-being, and positive growth in a self-actualizing trajectory:

If you could wake up tomorrow morning to a life that is exactly how you've always dreamt and visualized, what would that day look like? What is important to you - what are your most cherished values? Upon what do your curiosities hinge and linger? What awakens your inner child? Lends meaning to your being? 


Her desire is to embark on the creative process of therapy with you, and serve as a guide as you explore the roads less traveled toward your most authentic patterns of being. Together you can take steps on this path via authentic 'I-Thou' encountering within a safe and evolving therapeutic relationship.

Sabrina cherishes and nurtures an ever-growing knowledge of philosophy and psychology to share with her clients. She works from a humanistic-existential framework guiding the therapeutic services, though her approach is eclectic, incorporating tools from various psychological modalities which she caters to each client. 

Her own path and experience in clinical psychology has led Sabrina through various work settings, including: inpatient psychiatric facilities (as a behavioral health technician/psychiatric care specialist), LGBTQ+ community center mental health care (as an individual and couples' therapist), substance abuse rehabilitation (as an individual and group therapist), autism diagnostics, and most recently, private practice. 

She received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology & Philosophy from The University of Michigan - Dearborn, and her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from The Michigan School of Psychology. 

Sabrina's primary specialties are in treating substance abuse/addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar/other mood disorders, and working with the LGBTQ+ community.

She looks forward to meeting you on your journey! 

My Approach
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