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Monika Niemasik, MA, TLLP

Orchard Lake office in Farmington Hills

When children and adolescents misbehave, withdraw, or fail to meet expectations, there is typically a reason. Although as adults we may not immediately understand or appreciate their intentions, it is in Monika's experience and understanding that these behaviors are communications. It is her goal to understand these communications and to encourage parents and their children to move forward with empowered perspectives, utilizing practical strategies for growth and improvement.  


Monika graduated with a Master of Arts in School and Community Psychology with an Advanced Graduate Certificate in School Psychology from Wayne State University. She received my Bachelors of Arts with Honors in Developmental Psychology from the University of Windsor. Monika primarily works with children, adolescents, and their families in the identification and treatment of behavioral, emotional, social, and academic challenges. 

Her experience as a school psychologist and psychotherapist provides her with a unique and comprehensive understanding of the multitude of stressors that youth face during their development. Monika's holistic and play-based approach to therapy provides a space for your child to best communicate their thoughts and feelings, as well as a place to develop healthy coping strategies. In partnership with you, she looks forward to helping your family maneuver through this exciting, yet sometimes challenging, journey of your child’s development.

In addition to practicing child psychology and working towards becoming a Registered Play Therapist, 

My Approach
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