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Emilee Greenman, MA, LCSW

Orchard Lake office in Farmington Hills

Emilee Greenman is a dedicated therapist specializing in child and family therapy. She is passionate about supporting the emotional well-being and growth of children and families through compassionate and evidence-based counseling. With seven years of experience in the field, Emilee has had the privilege of working closely with children and their families, offering therapeutic support, guidance, and advocacy. Her approach is deeply rooted in providing a nurturing and safe environment for children to express themselves, explore their emotions, and develop essential coping skills.


 Areas of Expertise: Child-Centered Therapy / Adlerian Play Therapy: This approach focuses on helping children build their self-esteem, develop healthy social relationships, and gain a sense of empowerment and belonging. 


* Family Counseling and Support Anxiety and Stress Management in Children Behavioral and Emotional Regulation 


*Techniques Parental Guidance and Support along with grief within the family 

*Proficient in American Sign Language


Emilee is dedicated to helping children and families navigate life's challenges, fostering resilience, and promoting healthy mental, emotional, social lives. 

My Approach
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