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Expanding our Acceptance & Knowledge: LGBTQ Resources

In the last couple of years I’ve found this trend that children are beginning to question and ask questions about their own gender and sexuality more often than ever before. I like to think of it as very encouraging that the world is changing to become more open and accepting so that children are able to explore and express themselves more freely. With this being the trend, I’ve wanted to increase my own knowledge and understanding, as well as have resources for my associates, supervisees, and most importantly my clients and their parents. Here’s a booklist I’ve compiled...

LGBTQ Book List:

(If you have books to add to the list, I’d love to include them! Leave a comment below!)

One book I’d like to highlight is, “LGBTQ+ Youth: A Guided Workbook to Support Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”, by Lee-Anne Gray. It is an amazing resource to aid clinicians in helping to educate and support youth & teens, as well as families and the communities. It is filled with over 75 tools, activities, and forms to use in treatment planning, school care, family therapy, and community advocacy (including downloadable worksheets & forms!) My associates and I have been finding it very helpful for clients in working on the challenges of coming out, understanding the different terms for sexuality and gender, and developing safety plans at school and in the community. I hope you find it a helpful resource too!!!

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