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Here's what to expect when you come to the Fenton office ....

Lauren Lay, MA, TLLP is the Fenton office site manager and only therapist at the Fenton location.

The Fenton office is located at 202 W. Shiawassee Ave, Suite 213 on the second floor of Big Blue, the Victorian home and the Center for Well-Being in Downtown Fenton.  The parking lot is located behind the clinic, off of Adelaide Street. There is one public entrance which is in the rear of the building as well. Just follow the walking path to the Entrance sign. 

Upon entering the clinic, take a left and head into Big Blue. You will note a large staircase on your left- please make your way up the stairs. Our office is located to your right when you arrive upstairs. Suite 212 is a waiting room for clients and families, please have a seat if Lauren’s office (Suite 213) is closed.

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