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What Kids Think of COVID19 (a message to parents)

Hello parents! This is about getting in kids' shoes for coronavirus. I am a kid and I'm sharing what I think of coronavirus. And before you read this, I need you to know that you're already doing a good job. This is just supposed to help.

Kids know COVID19 is scary. We are scared. We’re worried about losing a grandparent or having young kids in our family get it. We get scared about how long before we get to see our friends in person again. We might even be more scared than adults because we don’t know at all how to handle it. (I’m not saying kids are weak, we just don’t have all the coping skills yet.)

We need to know what's happening. If we ask stuff like, “How deadly is it?” or “How many people has it killed?” we want to hear REAL answers. You might not want to say it, but think of it this way… if you asked someone you are close to and trust how many people Corona has killed and they say, “Don’t worry. Everything is fine.”, how would you feel? I know I would feel disappointed and wonder why I’m not qualified to get the right answer. It makes me feel like I’m not being taken seriously.

Even before things with Corona got bad, kids dealt with a lot of stress. Things like not being able to make or keep friends, doing well in school, and fitting in with other kids are everyday things that we have to deal with. Then people started to get sick with the virus, school closed, and we were forced to stay home to be safe. We can’t see our teachers. We can’t see our friends. Our daily schedule has changed. So, it’s like to call it, “Everyone is on the last straw of the iceberg coffin.” We, kids and adults, are all dealing with a lot of stress right now. So, please listen to your kids’ questions and concerns.

Thanks for reading! (and i hope you have a great day). (:

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