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Helping Kids Get More Comfortable with Learning at Home during CoVid19

Hello people. This blog post is about getting more comfortable with the new school schedule. And, first I want to say that this is not about the learning part. And, second parents and kids are already doing a great job. keep it up!

Having your own space really helps, and it could be anywhere! It could be your room, kitchen, or, heck, maybe even make a learning fort! (Just make sure you can still focus in your learning space). If the space is not your room, make sure to decorate and have fun with it! Make it look cool. Maybe bring in a bean bag chair in the learning space or a couple of your favorite stuffed animals.

Getting organized is another great thing to do. For example, get all your notebooks and books in a box, and your pencils, sticky notes, and a ruler in another box. Make sure to have the devices you need, and the ability to keep them charged. You might want to bookmark the sites you need to use for school, so that you can get to them easily. And you could have a place in your learning area where you can just relax. Since you're not in school you can bring stuff like gum and fidgeters in your learning area.

Managing your time is also important. Having a way to keep track of classroom hangouts or zoom class meetings helps prevent you from missing anything. If you have a device with a calendar you can put the meetings in there and set alerts 5 or 10 minutes before your hangout/meeting starts so you'll be there on time. You can also do this for any assignments that are due. If you don't have a device with a calendar, you could use a regular paper calendar (or print one out) and set alarms on a clock.

AND, don't forget ...taking breaks is VERY important. And you might think “but if I want to get it done quickly, this slows me down a lot!”, but i am talking about small breaks like five minutes long. Taking breaks are super important because they help prevent stress and burnout ... and getting work burnout sucks.

Thanks for reading! I hope this will help you!

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